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If you don't have insurance, show this card to your doctor to to be used for pharmacy benefits so that you can start saving on your prescriptions. Keep in mind our card is accepted at all pharmacies.
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Jen, Birmingham, AL:

"AffordableMeds has a great program for affiliates that has complete transparency. It is very clear how I am going to be paid and there are no surprises."

Ron, Austell, GA:

"Thank you AffordableMeds for saving me over $45 on my Omeprazole prescription."

Julie, Marietta, GA:

"My son needed an albuterol HFA inhaler. Thanks to AffordableMeds I was able to get my prescription for $20 and save over 60%. Thanks AffordableMeds for helping me afford this life saving medication."

Juan, Dallas, TX:

"Viajaba y necesitaba una vacuna oral contra la fiebre tifoidea que no estaba cubierta por el seguro gracias a AffordableMeds. Ahorré más de $ 180 para mi familia."

Becky, Orlando, FL:

"Thanks to AffordableMeds I am now able to afford my prescription vitamins VSL, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D3 not covered by Medicare."